• Research Summaries - Retrieval Practice

    Research summaries, brief articles and journal publications by cognitive scientists that describe current research on retrieval practice.
  • The Leitner Model Video in under 3 minutes

    An adapted Leitner model shown in a helpful video discovered by West Pinchbeck St Bartholomew's.
  • Organising Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning

    This ies document gives 7 recommendations for classroom application of cognitive theory, including overcoming possible barriers.
  • The Learning Scientist

    useful website to support cognitive theory and memory strategies in the classroom.
  • EEF Metacognition and Self-regulated Guidance

  • The Learning Classroom

    13 videos with guidance on learning theory and practical application in the classroom. Session 9 is metacognition.
  • Cognitive Load Theory Guide

    Provides clear explanations, supported by primary & secondary examples.