Schools should use structured interventions with reliable evidence of effectiveness. There are presently only a handful of programmes in the UK for which there is a secure evidence base, so if schools are using programmes that are ‘unproven’, they should try and replicate some common elements of effective interventions:

• Sessions are often brief (20– 50mins), occur regularly (3–5 times per week) and are maintained over a sustained period (8–20 weeks). Careful timetabling is in place to enable this consistent delivery
• TAs receive extensive training from experienced trainers and/or teachers (5–30 hours per intervention)
• The intervention has structured supporting resources and lesson plans, with clear objectives
• TAs closely follow the plan and structure of the intervention
• Assessments are used to identify appropriate pupils, guide areas for focus and track pupil progress. Effective interventions ensure the right support is being provided to the right child
• Connections are made between the out-of-class learning in the intervention and classroom teaching (see Recommendation 7)