Kooth Counselling Service

17th March 2020

Kooth is a free, safe anonymous and confidential way for young people to receive counselling, support and advice online.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Information

16th March 2020

During such unprecedented times, we know schools are facing huge challenges. This post is to give you some information about how Kyra are responding and how this will affect planned activity that we have scheduled.

Daily Dashboard

05th March 2020

St George's Church of England Primary in Gainsborough shares how the implementation of daily retrieval in areas that children find difficult to remember.

Introducing Knowledge Organisers

03rd February 2020

Jamie Allsopp shares the experience and lessons learned of Belmont Community Primary School's first year of creating and using knowledge organisers across the school.

Intent Statements

12th November 2019

Emma Jefferson, from Our Lady of Lincoln Catholic Primary School shares the process of writing an 'intent statement' that could easily be accessed by its staff and pupils. The pupils' poster can be found at:https://mobilise.kyrateachingschool.com/assets/uploads/files/Childrens-Intent-Our-Lady-of-Lincoln-Catholic-School.pdf and the staff document can be found at: https://mobilise.kyrateachingschool.com/assets/uploads/files/Intent-statement-Our-Lady-of-Lincoln-Catholic-School.pdf

Introducing Pre-learning in Maths

03rd July 2019

Michael Brown is a Y5/6 teacher and Maths Lead at Kelsey Primary School and wrote this following PLC5, where the reading: Changing lives and providing equity through pre-teaching and assigning competence – Ruth Trundley (taken from www.atm.org.uk July 2018) was shared.