Ofsted recognition for teaching assistants at The Edward Richardson Primary, Tetford in February: 'Teaching assistants make positive contributions to learning because they support groups of pupils appropriately. Consequently, pupils, especially those with SEND, make good progress. Teaching assistants support and promote pupils’ learning effectively.’

PLC6s take place 3rd - 5th 21st June.

All dates for the May and July mental Health First Aid training are now fully booked. We will be releasing dates for 3 further courses very soon!

Schools around the county are working collaboratively as Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), focusing on areas of local priority: cognitive theory & memory, feedback & marking, maths, English, curriculum design and emotional health & well-being. Check out 'Resources' for each project. Please see the 'bookings' document for dates, times and venues of all meetings; please confirm alternative attendance, if you are unable to attend your regular cluster PLC.

The Lincolnshire Learning Partnership is continuing to champion the implementation of research-based evidence in Lincolnshire's schools for a third year through Mobilise. The aim of the MOBILISE project is to ensure that every school leader in Lincolnshire is supported and equipped to make sense of, and act on, the research evidence on: cognitive theory and memory; feedback and marking; maths in KS2 & KS3; English in KS1 & KS2; curriculum design and grant-funded small-scale trials.

The ultimate aim of this project is to build an effective cluster-based, school-to-school infrastructure, which will enable all of us to be 'evidence-informed' and 'evidence-ready' in the future – able to rapidly understand, respond and implement research. It will equip teachers, teaching assistants and leaders in your school to become champions of the evidence and see outcomes transformed for our pupils. The aim is that the cluster-model we create together will be used again and again, every time there is new evidence, helping us to be at the cutting edge of school improvement.

If you have any questions regarding the Mobilise project, please contact the team via email at mobilise@kyrateachingschool.com or telephone: 01522 287020 (option 2).



  • A Guide to Useful Online Resources - MITA http://maximisingtas.co.uk/resources/a-guide-to-useful-online-resources.php

    signposts school leaders, teachers and TAs to the best, freely available, online resources. It provides a solid base for improving decision-making and practice, with resources organised around the four themes of the Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants.
  • EEF Putting Evidence to Work https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/public/files/Publications/Campaigns/Implementation/EEF-Implementation-Guidance-Report.pdf

    A school's guide to implentation
  • EEF Metacognition and Self-regulated Learning https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/tools/guidance-reports/metacognition-and-self-regulated-learning/

    Guidance report published 27th April 2018
  • MITA Scaffolding Framework Lanyard http://maximisingtas.co.uk/assets/content/mptascaffoldingcard.pdf

    This lanyard provides a handy reminder to all staff of each tier of the scaffolding framework to build independence.
  • EEF's Definition of Metacognition https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/evidence-summaries/teaching-learning-toolkit/meta-cognition-and-self-regulation

    This short video by EEF defines metacognition and its purpose.
  • The Leitner Model Video in under 3 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C20EvKtdJwQ

    An adapted Leitner model shown in a helpful video discovered by West Pinchbeck St Bartholomew's.
  • The Learning Scientist http://www.learningscientists.org/downloadable-materials/

    Useful website for cognitive theory and memory in the classroom.
  • Every Kid Needs a Champion - Rita Pierson https://www.ted.com/talks/rita_pierson_every_kid_needs_a_champion

    for FM clusters but every teacher and TA should see this.
  • Kyra TSA You tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCygsbkC8zRkOfkobipVD08w

    Here you can find videos of the Mobilise Roadshow Part 1 & 2 that have taken place in Lincoln
  • The Institute for Effective Education https://the-iee.org.uk/

    The IEE is an independent charity working to improve education for all children by promoting the use of evidence in education policy and practice.
  • Best Practice with Teaching Assistants' Award (BPTAA) https://www.awardplace.co.uk/award/bptaa

    This award (discounted for Mobilise schools) can be adviser-led or school-led to cover the key areas of leadership, deployment, practice and CPD of TAs in your school.
  • MITA Survey http://maximisingtas.co.uk/apps.php

  • EEF Online Course (with TES) https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/resources/making-best-use-of-teaching-assistants/ta-online-course/

    Free online course for TAs and teachers in Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants.
  • Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/

  • Lincolnshire Learning Partnership https://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/llp

  • Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together http://www.lincolnshireteachingschoolstogether.co.uk/