MOBILISE is thrilled to announce its traded offer for new projects 2020-22!

BOOK NOW to attend our virtual event where the Mobilise team will present an overview of the projects that make up our new traded offer for 2020-22 on 30th September at 13.30:

See the list of all new projects on the overview below. All projects draw on a robust evidence-base and respond to the current global situation.

Mobilise is supporting the Recover Lincolnshire initiative - presenting an evidence-base to support schools on 'Making Best Use of Funding for Tutoring' in 2 sessions; 'Recovery Curriculum: Reconnection, Re-engagement & Re-set' in 4 sessions. Booking is now open.

Making Best use of Funding for Tutoring Part 2 - 4th Nov:

Recovery Curriculum: 'Reconnection, Re-engagement & Re-set' 22nd Sept, 29th Sept, 6 Oct:

Within the Recovery Curriculum, Pilgrim Hospital School will be presenting a session on Building Resilience on 14th Oct,16th Nov & 25th Nov - please book ONE of these repeated sessions.

If you have any questions regarding the Mobilise project, please contact the team via email at or telephone: 01522 287020 (option 2).