LLP is thrilled to announce it is funding Mobilise for a third year!

An overview of next year's exciting projects is available here.

Individual schools should register for next year's choices here.


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Mobilise choices for 2018/19

If you missed the taster sessions and haven't decided which choice supports your school's priorities for next year, view the films below:

Anna presents the English for KS1 & KS2 choice

Vanessa presents the maths for KS2 & KS3 choice

Anna presents the Cognitive Theory and Memory choice (year 1 and embedding)

Anna presents the Feedback & Marking choice (year 1 and embedding)

Vanessa presents the Curriculum Design choice for primary and secondary

Vanessa presents the Grant-funded Small-scale Trials choice

Introduction to Mobilise including accounts of practice from Hemswell Cliff (CTM) and Morton Trentside (FM)

How will Mobilise work?

The Lincolnshire Learning Partnership is continuing to champion the implementation of research-based evidence in Lincolnshire's schools for a third year through Mobilise. The aim of the MOBILISE project is to ensure that every school leader in Lincolnshire is supported and equipped to make sense of, and act on, the research evidence on: cognitive theory and memory; feedback and marking; maths in KS2 & KS3; English in KS1 & KS2; curriculum design and grant-funded small-scale trials.

The ultimate aim of this project is to build an effective cluster-based, school-to-school infrastructure, which will enable all of us to be 'evidence-informed' and 'evidence-ready' in the future – able to rapidly understand, respond and implement research. It will equip teachers, teaching assistants and leaders in your school to become champions of the evidence and see outcomes transformed for our pupils. The aim is that the cluster-model we create together will be used again and again, every time there is new evidence, helping us to be at the cutting edge of school improvement.

If you have any questions regarding the Mobilise project, please contact the team via email at or telephone: 07769661479.