Following the launch of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership on Friday 22nd April 2016 we are delighted to introduce our first Lincolnshire-wide cross-phase project - "Mobilise".

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CONGRATULATIONS to St Faith's Infants School, in Lincoln! Recognition of its staff's fantastic engagement with the project, which is having an impact, was noted in its Ofsted report January 2017:

“Teachers work well with the teaching assistants to plan work together and discuss the progress that pupils are making. Teaching assistants contribute greatly to pupils’ learning, particularly the learning of those who need to catch up and those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. Their participation in the ‘Mobilise’ programme, led by the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership and the Kyra Teaching School Alliance, has enabled teaching assistants to reflect on and develop their practice further.”

An Ofsted inspector, who visited Billinghay in March 2017 reported: "Teachers and teaching assistants have benefited from participating in research projects to help them to improve their practice, for example in the effective deployment of staff and use of time during lessons.”  Well done to Richard and his dedicated staff, who have really taken the EEF’s recommendations on board.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has become a strategic partner of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership, and together we are about to begin our first piece of school improvement support for schools. The aim of the MOBILISE project is to ensure that every school leader in Lincolnshire is supported and equipped to make sense of, and act on, the research evidence of the impact of Teaching Assistants in the workplace. We are delighted that the EEF have agreed to support Lincolnshire schools during this project and work with our Teaching Schools to ensure that all schools and academies, and our pupils, benefit from this research.

The ultimate aim of this project is to build an effective cluster based, school to school infrastructure, which will enable all of us to be “evidence informed” and “evidence ready” in the future – able to rapidly understand, respond and implement research. It will equip teachers and leaders in your school to become champions of the evidence and see outcomes transformed for our pupils. The aim is that the cluster model we create together will be used again and again, every time there is new evidence, helping us to be at the cutting edge of school improvement.

If you have any concerns regarding the Mobilise Project, please contact the team via email at or telephone:  07769661605.

Teaching Assistants: EEF publishes free online course to support schools implement new evidence

Alison (School-based Lead at Grantham Ambergate and Sandon) said, 'It was helpful to see comments on the forum so I know I'm on the right track and it's given me confidence. I'll be able to use the videos clips for staff training, particularly the structured interventions.'

New evidence from the EEF has shown that when Teaching Assistants (TAs) are trained to deliver structured one-on-one or small group interventions they typically add 3-4 additional months of educational progress for struggling pupils, compared with more standard ways of using TAs. 

In order to support the best use of teaching assistants, the EEF has partnered with the TES to create a completely free online course. This includes practical examples of how to implement the recommendations, as well as interviews with head-teachers who have changed the way they deploy their TAs and step-by-step guidance. The course, hosted on the EEF website, consists of text, video, curated links and downloadable documents.

Just click the link below to get started: 

Free online 'Effective use of teaching assistants CPD course